Friday, November 24, 2017

Clay County Archives

and Historical Library

Liberty, Missouri

Preserving the Past for the Present


Current Projects

In addition to assisting you with research about the people and subjects most relevant to you, we are constantly upgrading our collections, offerings and abilities to make your experience at the Archives most meaningful.  We are maintaining and expanding our collections of Clay County historical information to provide research assistance to you.

Current Projects:

  • We are flat-folding and abstracting the original Criminal Court Records in conjunction with the Circuit Clerk's office.  The Circuit Clerk's staff will then scan each and every page of these old documents to preserve them for posterity.
  • There are over 800 Civil War Soldiers buried in Clay County so we've taken it upon ourselves to identify them and compile the list into a new book.  We are culling information about each soldier such as the cemetery in which they are buried, their birth- and death-dates, as much biographical information as we can find and even pictures as are available.  The book will include chapters on the Civil War in Clay County, military units during the war and more! Our goal is to have the book ready for purchase by early 2013.  Wish us luck!
  • Unfortunately, people keep dying so we are constantly updating our Obituary and Cemetery Records.  And we often discover old cemeteries that we didn't know existed.  It is a never-ending project.
  • When we abstract each of our collections, we index that information to enable us (and you) to find that info easier and quicker.  In addition to each collection index, we have a Master Index that includes pertinent data about each item the collection indexes.  The Master Index will be put on this website eventually to help you in your research.  You can look up your own subjects and then request more information/research from us based upon what you find.
  • For our members, we publish a Quarterly Newsletter that includes various articles of interest.  Collecting, organizing, writing and publishing these articles is an on-going process.
  • We are digitizing and abstracting our Photograph Collection as fast as we can.  They will be a part of our Master Index.

We are also looking for volunteers to lead and work on Future Projects, such as:

  • We are working toward providing a Speakers Bureau for local organizations to inform the public about our history.
  • Our Map Collection is extensive and we are always looking for ways to make them accessible.

Circuit Court Records

Project Coordinator:  Carol Olson

Civil and criminal court records ...

Clay County Archives Newsletter

Newsletter Editor:  Keenan Barker

Currently a quarterly newsletter, you can devote as much time as you like and make it WEEKLY!!!

Cemetery / Obituary Records

Project Coordinator:  Ken Neth

We are actively updating our Cemetery files and index.  We find quite a few previously unknown cemeteries each year.  There are well over 300 cemeteries in Clay County.

We continually scour newspapers, both historical and current, collecting obituaries to index all deaths occuring in Clay County.  We have a physical file of all obituaries as well as a Cemetery Index that records pertinent information for research.