Friday, November 24, 2017

Clay County Archives

and Historical Library

Liberty, Missouri

Preserving the Past for the Present


Historic Materials Policy

Statement of Policy

The Clay County Archives, like most archives, is not a lending library. Researchers are welcome to review and study on site documents, books and maps in the Archives collection, which have been made available to the public. Under no circumstances is any item in the Archives collection to be removed from the premises. Photocopies of all documents and books (within the limits of copyright laws) are available any time during regular hours of operation. Printouts from microfilm are available upon request at the cost stated below.

This is necessary to ensure the long-term preservation and availability of this collection. Volunteers are available to assist in making copies or scans of any items of interest at copy costs listed below.   

Original Records - per page $1
Other printed matter - per page  15¢
Out-sized copies - per page 50¢
Microfilm print-outs - per page 25¢