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Liberty's Living Legacy


The “Liberty Century House Book”, originally published in 2004, celebrates the historic structures of Liberty, Missouri.  This book features 240 houses and buildings that were constructed in Liberty during the 19th century.  Photos and information is provided for each house or building including its name, date of construction and architectural style.  When available, information is included regarding the original builder, its occupants and the history of the structure.   A map identifying Liberty’s historic districts and a glossary of house styles is included.  General information regarding the history of Liberty including the origin of many street names is also provided. 

Local historian Chris Harris, who conducted the original research for this project, was recognized with the Missouri Governor’s Humanities Award for his work as author of Liberty’s Living Legacy.  In 2005, the book also received the Missouri Governor’s Award for Community Heritage.  Included is an Addendum, prepared by Chris for this reprint, which includes new and revised information that has come to light since Liberty’s Living Legacy was originally published.

This book was reprinted in 2018 by the Clay County Archives and Historic Library with permission granted by the City of Liberty, Missouri.  

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