Clay County Archives and Historical Library ~ Liberty, Missouri

Preserving the Past for the Present

Footprints In Clay is a multi-media collection of the Clay County Archives meant to record history in other ways besides just on paper.  We are recording historical recollections using audio, video, still pictures and any other relevant means.

The goals for our Footprints In Clay project is two-fold.  To record oral histories of our knowledgeable local historians and to produce history documentaries about our history.  Those documentaries are to be provided to schools and made available for purchase by our patrons.

We interview people who can tell us about life in Clay County, Missouri in their own words.  We also collect movies, videos, audio tapes and still pictures to add to our library.  In fact, if any of you have such items that we can copy, we’d love to add them to our collection.

In time, we’ll have a library of recorded histories that can be viewed or listened to by our patrons.  We’ll also, in the future, produce programs that can be shown to school classes, civic groups, families or any other interested parties.

One such example is The Story of Liberty ~ From Settlement to Suburb, a film (in DVD or VHS format) produced by the Archives that covers the area and people from the 1820’s to now.