Clay County Archives and Historical Library ~ Liberty, Missouri

Preserving the Past for the Present

Hours of Operation

  • 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Wednesday
  • 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month
  • Closed on holidays and during Christmas week


  • On-site or through correspondence
  • On-site research free to members, $5 daily for non-members
  • Correspondence: preliminary research is $10 per surname then $10/hour for additional research


  • We can provide copies or scans of the material you need. Please be aware that we need to charge even if you make your own images; we do need to be able to pay our bills after all!
  • Original records, other published material, over-size copies, microfilm printouts, photos
Description Price
Original Records $1 per page
Other published material (black and white) 25¢ per page
Other published material (color) 75¢ per page
Over-size copies 50¢ per page
Microfilm print-outs 25¢ per page
Photos – photo-quality $5 each
Photos – draft-quality 50¢ each

Other Research

  • Specialty research
  • With our extended holdings, we are able to do research for community concerns, businesses, etc.
  • Negotiated fee
  • These holdings are available on-site (free for members, $5/day for non-members)
  • Information you may not find anywhere else